The GA platform uses multiple real-time data sources pulled from your own NOBO and DTC listings.

Green Arrow deploys AI machine learning, automation and cutting-edge proprietary technology. This is combined with digital media to ensure reach and communication with your shareholder base.
GA can aggregate data around a specific set of investors, both institutional and private, in specific sectors. GA can target them with digital, online, and social media campaigns and outreach.



Green Arrow IR has the ability to provide your firm with direct representation and access to trading markets. This includes facilitating communications with security dealers, institutional block buyers, market makers, and active traders as well as high net worth individuals. We can provide landing pages, investment newsletters, and trading alerts to increase reach.

Shareholder Management

Our AI Shareholder Platform provides access to real-time investment management with your existing shareholder base. These data sets are uploaded from NOBO and DTC or can be done through an excel spreadsheet. Once uploaded you can easily reach out to them via email, Social Media, SMS, and Phone. Your future NOBO costs are included in our contract.

Shareholder Relations

Green Arrow develops cost-effective and compliant targeted media to increase your presence across all social platforms. We also provide direct contact outreach to industry decision-makers, traders, and potential new shareholders. Green Arrow can create a first stop, one-point information portal that can include a website, a corporate shareholders report, media kit, and interface schedule as well as bi-monthly newsletters and updates.

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Our Programs

Let us customize one or more of our services to create a responsible and traceable market awareness program. Once Green Arrow onboard's your firm, we can give you a deep dive into all of your IR programs, including analytics and efficiencies. Fully digestible reporting through our multiple AI functions.


By understanding the metrics of buyers and sellers your staff and GA can analyze who holds short positions in your stock, and strategize effective short and long-term strategies to reduce short selling activity and defensive measures to defend against such activity.


GA and it's partners can engage social media and media intelligent campaigns to ensure that your entire shareholder base engages with your important announcements, forward looking statements and corporate communications.


Participate in our virtual conferences and present to thousands of investors virtually and hold your own virtual roadshows coordinated with our team. Provide video based interactive quarterly earnings calls, discuss forward looking opportunities and plan additional company conferences.


Using our institutional and retail investor databases GA can aggregate data around a specific set of detailed sector-based investors. GA can target them with digital and social media campaigns and grow your shareholder through trackable organic growth.