Green Arrow IR has the ability to provide your firm with direct representation and access to trading markets. This includes facilitating communications with security dealers, institutional block buyers, market makers and active traders.

Our services include

  • Profile Page
  • Shareholder communications
  • Branded IR, Press Releases
  • Direct Correspondence to traders, broker-dealers, hedge funds, and retail buyers
  • Media push through to wire services
  • Graphic design combined with eye-catching communications science
  • Internal investment databases
  • Club contact and Dedicated Chat

Our Public Platform provides access to real-time investment management over your existing shareholder base through data sets that are uploaded from NOBO and DTC. Once uploaded you can easily reach out to them via email, Social Media, SMS and Phone. This includes:

Shareholder Management Platform

  • Shareholder AI intelligence
  • Institutional Relational Database (prospecting tool)
  • Warrants management/Contacts management
  • Custom shareholder polling
  • Powerful data-driven social, digital, and SMS marketing campaigns targeting shareholders and prospective investors